God’s Wonderful Creation

Have you ever been up in the early morning and just enjoyed the wonders of God’s great creation? It is so quiet and peaceful with the world still asleep. One can just imagine how great and vast is the world that God created. One can just see Him looking over and caring for His good earth and a feeling of goodness and well being comes over one as we know that God is in control and all is well with the world. In the quiet of the morning one is really without excuse, seeing the beauty and wonder of God (Romans 1:20) So, really, enjoying the peace of the morning one is without excuse if he does not believe in God. So, too, we should feel the need to obey His laws as the rest of creation does. Then as the dawn occurs and the birds are singing in the quiet, perhaps crisp, air  we should feel our love grow in our hearts toward God and perhaps if we are just learning this emotion, we will feel it spring up and begin to grow, just as the new day begins.  Continue reading

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A picture is not the Word.

I recently went through my website and took out all the  pictures that I have posted over the years, since I decided that even if a picture is worth a thousand words a picture can still get in the way of the true word of God, except in children’s books about Jesus, when they are learning the basics about the truth.  The pictures on my website were somehow frightening to people and were more driving them away then bringing them in, as they say.

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Pray for Strength


Here is a link to an article I wrote as a Wednesday evening invitation talk back in 2015. I thought it was worth posting on the site. Click the link below to read.



Pray for strengthSep 2015

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Fighting Spiritual Warfare

Have you ever asked yourself which side of the spiritual warfare that goes on in all our hearts and minds you are on? There are so many wars going on in the world that we can often be torn in many directions. But what is the most important war we must fight? The most important war we must fight is for out own souls and the souls of men.How do we do that? Continue reading

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Happy New Year!


It is once again the beginning of a new year. We have been blessed to live another day and to see the beginning of 2019. It is a good time to reflect on our lives and to take stock of our lives as we strive to live them for the Lord. What have we accomplished thus far in our lives and what do we hope to accomplish in the time that we have left? Are we thankful for what we have and are our hearts and minds open and giving toward our God and toward others? Are we living as we should or are there changes we should make to improve our service to God?

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