Dale Pennock

Dale 2010 CalendarDale Pennock is a preacher of the gospel for the Addison County Church of Christ in New Haven, Vermont. He has been married to his wife Gail for 34 years and they have four children: Rachel, Stephen, Bethany and Hannah. The children are pretty much grown with Hannah, the youngest, being 19. Dale has been preaching the gospel for almost forty years and has been working with the Addison County Church for 22 years.

He is the son of Rea Pennock and grandson of Gordon Pennock who both preached the gospel for many decades in the Midwest, South and Northeast United States or where ever they could find an audience. Below are some sample sermons of his on the Beatitudes and if you like what you hear you can find him almost any Sunday morning and Tuesday evening preaching at the bulding in New Haven. The  churche’s address is 145 Campground Road, New Haven Vermont 05472. For directions to the building and contact information click here: Addison County Church of Christ They would be glad to have you come and visit any time you are in the area.


Two lessons on the Beatitues