My name is Doug Pennock and I have decided I could afford a few dollars for the domain name to reach out to the world with a personal blog about myself and what it is like to attempt to live a godly life in these troublesome and often godless times that we live in. The link above is  a link to the website of the church I am currently a member of and it should be noted that all visitors are welcome at all of our services.

Now a little more about me. I am a disabled veteran living in Waycross Georgia unable to work but still highly functional as a person and devoted to my family (even though unmarried), my God and my Church family. I make no claim to hold any special place in society as a whole but am simply a common individual living a common life and trying to pattern that life after the Holy scriptures as Jesus says in those scriptures God would have me do.

It troubles me to think of all the people living in the world who do not know God or His word and make no attempt at all to be what God wants them to be in this life and I am urged by these same scriptures to reach out to others with the hope that is in me and perhaps I can do that some through this blog.

I am not over educated, having finished only 1 and 1/2 years of college and not under educated as I have studied the scriptures all my life and although I do not know them perfectly, I hope to know them well enough to be counted worthy of God to say “enter into the joy of your Lord.” (Mathew 25:21) at the end of my life because I live by those scriptures for the rest of my life.

So, that is what I hope to do with this blog: talk about my life and about God’s part in it. Those who don’t want to hear about God shouldn’t read any more, but if you are curious what life is like for a disabled veteran living in Georgia, US. who is trying to do all things according to how God would have me do them and also some thoughts about God, read on.

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March 14 2015 001

This is my dog Daisy and I.