Who is Perfect two.

Have you ever thought about who is perfect in this world? The only one perfect in this world is God Himself and Jesus his son was the only perfect person to live on this earth.

What was Jesus? He was God on earth, not just His son, but actual deity living on earth. There has never been anyone like Him, before or since. Why did He come to this earth?

To bring God down to this earth, so that man could learn to be more like Him. We, as Christians are always striving to be perfect because we are trying to be like Jesus to the best of our ability. We will never reach perfection in this life, but yet we strive to be as perfect as we can be. We should not allow our imperfections to keep us from striving to be perfect and though we seem to be hypocritical to some because of our imperfections, we must still strive to be as Jesus would have us be.

Back in the day, I believe it was in the ninety’s there was a trend among religious groups of wearing a thin wrist band around their wrists with the words “what would Jesus do” printed on them. I’m sure this served as a reminder to some to act in such a way that Jesus would have them act, but was it really effective?

I am not of the religious groups that uses instrumental music and the like in society to bring people into the fold, so I cannot really say how effective it was, but in all likely hood it advanced their cause in serving the Lord.

In Conservative Church’s of Christ, we use only the Bible itself as the sole source of our authority in word or practice, so acappella singing and striving to live by the Word of God is our way of life. You may see us striving to  achieve perfection through wristband reminders and the like. Yet still we strive for perfection, by living as close to the Word of God as we can, both in Word and song.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

Note. See appropriate category above for further study on The Churches beliefs and practices.

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