Florida College Lectureship

Next week I will be attending the annual lectureship series at Florida College located in Temple Terrace (Tampa), Florida. Florida College is a four year, fully accredited college that was founded by Christians and run by Christians but is fully financed by individuals and tuition, accepting no donations from churches, which would be unscriptural since we have no pattern of church money being spent for such in the New Testament.Still, it is a good place for young people to study both the bible and other liberal arts subjects in an environment that is all about God and is full of examples or roll models for them to follow.

The college has an annual lectureship series that consists of hour-long lectures given by gospel preachers and gospel advocates from the school and from all over the country. It is a good way to spend a week and can offer a good vacation for the Christian and others in beautiful, sunny Tampa bay, Florida.

The topic for this year is how God is presented in the psalms and should be interesting and uplifting. I hope to learn a lot.  I would encourage anyone who is in the area or can come to the area to attend as many of the lectures as they can. You can find more information about it at: floridacollege.edu/lectureship. You can learn more about the college at the general website.

At any rate, next week I won’t be posting but I will return perhaps a week from today, but at least by the following Monday. My family and I often make time every year to attend the lectureship and have enjoyed them immensely each time. I hope that you and yours will take time some year or this year, for that matter, to attend some if not all of the lectures.

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the week of the lectures is a night time lecture at 7:30 pm and most of the attendees come early at 7:00 pm for a half hour of A Capella singing. It is a chance to hear hundreds of voices singing the good old hymns and some new ones and is one of the few places you can hear so many voices blended in song at one time. It is a tremendous experience and quite uplifting to the soul and I would encourage others to come and sing with the throngs when they get the chance.

So, I will be back posting three or more times a week, if the Lord wills, next weekend. I hope all goes well at the lectureship this year and that all will be uplifted and increased in bible knowledge for having attended.

May God bless you and keep you until next time.

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