The Psalms


Well, the 2016 edition of the Florida College Lectures is in the books. The theme this year was “You Are My God; The Psalms.” We listened to sixteen lectures over a four day period and sang with the throngs for an hour and a half total. I must admit that I never fully realized just how important the Psalms should be to every Christian who is trying to get to know our God and our Savior and serve Them to the best of their ability. The Psalms tell us more about God than perhaps any other single book of the bible and even though it is about the God that Israel knew long ago, He has not changed and indeed will never change, nor can He change..

As a boy I was given a copy of the New Testament and it also included the Psalms, but I admit that I didn’t study them much then, nor have I given them the attention they deserve since. The Psalms tell us much about God and how to serve Him as well as how to pray to Him and what our attitude toward Him should be both when we worship Him and in general.

They also speak extensively of the coming Messiah and so teach us about Christ and how to serve Him. They are, thus, more than a collection of songs that the ancient Israelites used to worship God, but are one of the most important books we can study, if one book can be called more important than another. In the future, I will be giving this great book the study it deserves and I pray that God will forgive me for neglecting it in the past.

So, expect to see more posts involving the Psalms in the future, as I strive to learn more about God and how to serve Him and share my studies here. It is really a life-long process getting to know God and His will for me and one must never come to believe that they have learned everything there is to know about Him. We can even return to passages we are familiar with and restudy them to find that we did not really know everything God was saying to us there, but can learn more each time we study it.

As I’ve said before, I don’t care how old or how much you have studied God’s word in the past, there is still more you can learn and indeed cannot know it all in our short life span on this earth. Perhaps when we get to heaven and have eternity spread before us we can learn everything then. It is something to look forward to as one of the blessings of eternal life.

At any rate, I should be getting back to my old routine again now that the trip (vacation?) is over, so I hope you will join me for three or four posts a week, Lord willing, for the fore-see-able future. I am going to start out, most likely, with some things I have learned about specific Psalms and go from there.

May God bless and keep you until next time.



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