Living In God’s World

Well it is another day and I am happy and blessed to be living on this planet at this time in history. As I said in an earlier post the Christian is to live with a prayerful attitude and part of this is acknowledging that the world we live in is God’s world and keeping this ever in mind as we go through our day, being thankful and in awe of the things of this life instead of abusing everything we come in contact with as if we owned the world.

This prayerful and thankful attitude should permeate everything we do, but we should not become too attached to this world because life is short and we should keep our eyes and goals on the next life, which we hope and pray will be in an even better place than this world. If we keep our eyes on Jesus and all He has promised us (the prize for faithful service in this life–eternal life) we will find it much easier to serve God by doing the things He would have us do and we can endure the pain and suffering that inevitably comes to every individual in this life.

In fact, I can not grasp really how someone without God is able to cope with the trials and tribulations of this life. Does not the godless person have a cold and callous attitude toward life and others so that he cannot feel the pain (emotional or otherwise) that comes with life.

God wants us to be caring and loving people who not only love one another but most of all that we love God with all our heart, our mind and our strength (Matthew 22:37). Our heart, according to the scriptures, is that seat of our intellect that both feels emotion and produces our actions. It is the thinking part of us that results in the things we do.

If we allow our heart to be shaped by the scriptures (through diligent study) and regular worship of God, we will learn to act in the way which God would have us act in all situations in this life and not give it a second thought. This is what comes natural to every human being as we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and by Him to worship and to serve Him with all of our being.

It is hardwired into us, as part of our DNA perhaps, so to do otherwise is both immoral and self-defeating. For us to be fully functional, well-balanced, fully healthy, souls living on this planet and beyond this life we need God to uplift us and sustain us. Not only do we live because of the rest of His creation, also, but we must not ignore the evidence of Him in everything we see in this world and turn to Him to be what He intends us to be.

How could we not turn to Him with all that he has done and does for every creature that walks this planet or this universe. We are commanded to repent of our sins or we will all perish (Luke 13:3). That is unless we repent of our sins and obey Jesus in all things we will perish in hell for eternity with the alternative being an eternity in heaven with God(see Luke 13:1-5 and countless other passages).

 Note: I hope you are using your bible as we go along because reading and studying the scriptures is what life is all about. If you need a bible see the link ‘get bible’ above to download one.

 So God created us to serve Him and all the creation of the universe is so we may serve Him and honor Him giving Him the greater glory than all the things He has created, but because of sin we have a choice in this life.

We can either live a life of sin apart from serving God and so go to hell where we will be eternally separated from Him and His son; or we can repent and be baptized (Mark 16:16) and wash away our sins, striving to live a sinless and godly life the rest of our days, repenting again when we do sin (although it is necessary to be baptized only once if done for the right reason).

The result of the latter choice is to be taken home to heaven to live with God and His son eternally come the judgment day. There is a judgement day coming where all will be judged by the word of God (Revelation 20:12) and unfortunately most will be found lacking. There is a bit more to salvation than I have mentioned here but these are the basics and I will speak more of it in later posts (see plan of salvation link above).

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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