Words of Christ in Red

When I was a boy first becoming familiar with the bible most of the new testaments I came across had the words Jesus spoke during His ministry here on earth (or from heaven as in the book of Revelation) in red type instead of the normal black as if to give them more importance than the rest of the new testament. This points to a fundamental misunderstanding of who Jesus really is and what His words really are.

Jesus said that He spoke what God, the father told Him to speak and only what God told Him to speak (John 12:49,50). This relationship was so close that Jesus is referred to as the Word of God (John 1) and it was through Jesus that God spoke the universe into existence so that God spoke it and Jesus carried it out (also John 1 and Genesis 1).

In fact, since Jesus is the word of God and has always been with the father, it is Jesus who directs what the Holy spirit said to those men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit both in the new and old testament. Focusing on the new, then, it could be said that the words of those men who wrote the new testament, as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, that those words, as the word of God, were as important as those words spoken by Jesus Himself when He was here in the flesh. Afterall, those words came through Jesus and the Holy Spirit both since Jesus is the Word of God.

This relationship should help us see that what was written throughout the new testament is just as important for us to follow in living for God as the life of Christ and His ministry found in the four gospels. Some people think that they need only try to live by the truths found in the four gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) and the words spoken by Jesus and can disregard the “opinions” of later church leaders who wrote the rest of the new testament under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

This can result in a fundamental misunderstanding of who Jesus is as the word of God as I have mentioned. Jesus said to His apostles that after He was gone that God would send the comforter (Holy Spirit) and that He would both remind them what Jesus had said to them and teach them all things (John 14:26).

This suggests that there was more that would be revealed to Jesus disciples (later became the apostles) than what Jesus had told them while He was with them in the flesh because the verse says He (the comforter) would teach them all things. This ability to be inspired by the Holy Spirit which the early Christians had is one of both knowledge and of miracles, but such things passed away when they died because only the Apostles had the ability to pass the Holy Spirit to others in such a way that resulted in miraculous knowledge and miracles in general.

The early church had need of such things because they did not have the scriptures written down and preserved for them as we do today, so certain men (probably one or more in each congregation) needed miraculous knowledge to preach the gospel and the miraculous gift of miracles was used to confirm the word which they spoke that it was the word of God (Mark 16:20).

Now we have the perfect word of God that we can study and learn what God would have us know so there is no need for miraculous gifts, which in fact have been done away with (1 Corinthians 13:8-10). So we should give the entire new testament the same weight we give the words of Jesus in red because in a sense it (being the word of God) are all the words of Jesus. It is by all of them that we should fashion our lives so that we may live as God would have us live.

Until next time may God bless and keep you.

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