Bible Correspondence Course Two

I have just completed the bible study course I have linked to my site (above) and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more of what the bible teaches that every person living today should know. It was conducted by a couple, Glynn and Pam Grant, who are members of the Jordan Park Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama. It is good for those who need to learn the truth for the first time or need to review lessons we all should know as children of God. You will learn more even if you are already a Christian.

The study begins with an overview of the bible, both old and new testaments, and continues on until it covers the plan of salvation in the last few lessons. It is not merely “Church of Christ doctrine” that is put forward, but the truth as the bible teaches and every statement of belief is followed with book chapter and verse, so the student can check it out for themselves. It is a good work done by Glynn and Pam and one that we can all be encouraged by.

There are those using modern technology in an attempt to save souls and for some this is the only way to reach them. It is the intent of this blog to interest others in spiritual things and I can only say that if you are interested check out the link “Bible Study course” above. Through a study of this course you can learn much of what God expects of us in our quest to live godly lives before Him. It will not teach you everything, but can go a long way toward getting started in a quest for the truth.

When taking the course, you will find that all lessons are thorough and promptly returned to the student with answers to questions and explanations. There is also a comment section with each lesson where the student can ask questions and make comments that Glynn and Pam promptly answered. There are sixteen lessons and one can complete them at their own pace and they are not too difficult, with scriptures provided for each teaching. Taking the course can cut through a lot of the confusion that is out there over spiritual things.

So, if you are interested in living your life as God would have you live you will not go wrong by starting your quest with this course. It is a good work and my contacts were a couple, like Aquila and Priscilla (Acts 18:25,26), and it expounds the way of God to individuals desiring to learn the truth and practice it in their lives. We can all learn from them and their example.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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