God is Almighty

Our dog daisy, whose picture you can see in my about page, is a seven-year old dappled colored dachshund. She is currently having trouble with her back as so many dachshunds do when they reach middle age. It is getting so bad with her that she might need surgery that will run in the thousands of dollars, which I cannot afford to spend on her. She is apparently becoming paralyzed in her back-end as her vertebrae calcify and put pressure on her spinal nerves. There is no guarantee that surgery will even improve her condition. She often, lately, looks at me with big, trusting eyes as if to ask why I am not helping her get better.

There is really not much I can do for Daisy, except maybe put her down, because she cannot even move around or use the bathroom properly and she seems to be in some pain all the time. If we could get her to eat she can get some help from the pain with anti-inflammatory medication in her food, but today she doesn’t even want to bend over her bowl and so is not eating.

Daisy, perhaps, looks at me as her all-powerful benefactor who has done so much for her in the past and cannot understand why I am not helping her now. I have done about all I can do with multiple visits to the vets and steroids for her inflammation, but she has gotten progressively worse and there is only so much us humans can do for our pets despite how much they put their trust in us.

It is not the same with God. He is the almighty creator of the universe and all things in it and so can help us out of difficulty when He so chooses and we put our faith and trust in Him as daisy does in me. If we have that same trust in God that a dog has for his master, He will care for us and though not always removing our pain and suffering He will make it easier on us, I believe, so that we are able to bear what life throws our way.

We can learn a lot from a faithful dog about how to be loving and dependent for all things on God. We should learn to depend on God for our emotional and spiritual well-being and place all our hope and trust in Him, so that He we can get through the ups and downs of life with the comfort that only He can bring.

Peter wrote to Christians: “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:6,7). If we will learn to cast all our cares on Him He can always be counted on to do what is best for us, just as we do for our pets, but with us it is limited since we can only do so much. With Him, we can be sure that He will consider whatever requests we make of Him and that He will meet our needs as only He can.

Too many people these days have the tendency to put all of their trust in their spouse or their parents or some other human being and this is bound to fail. We as humans are fallible, while God is infallible. If we learn to love Him and put all of our faith and trust in Him and His word we will not be disappointed. He will reward us as only He can and no human being or institution could ever do. If we have that innocent and faithful trust in God that Daisy seems to have in me, we cannot go wrong. I just wish I could help Daisy as well as my God is able to help me through my difficulties.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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