Common Sense

“Common Sense” was a pamphlet published by Thomas Paine in 1775 that argued that it made sense for the citizens of the Thirteen Colonies to thrown off the tyrannical rule of the king of England and set up a government based on democracy. It went a long way in convincing them to revolt and inspired many to fight in the ensuing revolutionary war that brought this government about. The bible is a document written by the Holy Spirit that argues that it makes sense for  people of all nations to throw off the oppressive rule of Satan in their lives and submit to the kingdom of God. 

Recent surveys suggest that 75% of Americans profess that they believe in God and it can be safely said that a large number of these profess belief in the God of the bible. Why, then is it, that  only a small minority  will do what the bible says is necessary to be saved and submit to the rule of God in their lives as the bible teaches it must be done?

Most people, it seems, want God on their own terms and will take what they want from scripture and leave the rest, or take certain passages out of context and spin diverse theological arguments that are based more on speculation than on evidence found in the scriptures. This is because man wants to define God and serve Him on his own terms and not as God revels we must do in scripture.

In order to throw off the rule of Satan in our lives we must be made free from sin and the only way to do this is to come in contact, through baptism, with the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross to redeem us (Romans 6:3,4; 1 Peter 1:17-19). When we are saved through baptism we are bought back or redeemed by the blood of Christ into the service of our Lord and King, Jesus and added by Him to the church (Acts 2:47).

When we are added to the church at baptism, we must then do as the apostle Paul did in Jerusalem and “join” ourselves to the disciples and be found “coming in and going out” with them. Please read Acts 9:26-28. That is, we must join ourselves to a local church of baptized believers that are striving to serve the Lord and worship God according to the pattern found in scriptures and thus are true servants of God in His kingdom.

Read more about this in the post “One True Church” under the “worship” category of this site. If we will not join ourselves to the local church to work toward the salvation of not only ourselves but others, how can we be said to be submitting to the kingship of Jesus and rooting from our lives the rule of Satan.

If we are not willing to serve God in the way that He has outlined for us in scripture, we are not submitting to Him as He requires and thus will be lost come the judgement day. We need the encouragement of one another and to serve one another, if we are to be true disciples of Christ (Mark (9:35; 10:43).

The local church gives us the means whereby we may do this and serve and worship God, with the hope that, in working together, we can all go to heaven come the judgment day. This is how God has designed and decreed it should be for those who would submit to His rule and overcome the dictates of sin in their lives.

Just as it is common sense for all to see in His creation that there is a God (Romans 1:18-20), we must turn to the bible as His revelation to us on how to serve Him in this life. The bible not only proves the existence of God beyond what even or common sense tells us, it also provides the means where by we may serve Him and submit to Him as King and ruler in our lives.

God speaks to us through the bible and no other way today and when we submit to it we submit to Him to serve Him forever. It is a spiritual government that is much more desirous than the rule of sin and of Satan which is our only other alternative. The government of God exists despite national governments and knows no national boundaries.

Under God’s government we are also to submit to our nations government so long as it does not conflict with the law of Christ. We are to put God first and serve Him primarily, though we also submit to the laws of government secondarily. We are to pay our taxes and obey the law of the land, but not make an idol of our government by placing it above the rule of our King, Jesus. We are to serve God first and man second. This is the common sense that all people, everywhere need to hear and accept.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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