Psalm 19

This is one of the most popular and beloved of all the Psalms. We have a song that we sing quite often in services that uses verses 7 though 10 to create a beautiful hymn. The Psalm starts out proclaiming the glory of God and how all of creation day and night speaks to us of Him and of His glory. Creation speaks to us of the glory of God throughout all the earth and language is no barrier as it speaks in a language understood by all. The Psalm goes on to speak of the law of the Lord, or His word, through which he speaks to us in a way we can all likewise understand.

The law of the Lord is as perfect as His creation and speaks to us directly and to the heart the way His creation speaks to us. It is as plain and everyday and as vital to our souls as the physical world is to us physically. It is as important to us as is everything else God has created for us and more so, as it tells us of Him and of the life to come and our need to make preparation for it.

The law of the Lord converts the soul from something that is carnal and fleshly belonging to this world, to something that is spiritual and godly belonging to God and giving Him the glory as we are meant to be. Without it we are left to flounder about and to our own prideful ways that are bound to lead to our destruction. We are converted to live for God and not merely as an animal lives by instinct and mere wits. We truly become as God means for us to be by shaping our lives by His word.

The law of the Lord causes us to rejoice and even makes us wise though we are simple. There is no wisdom outside of what God’s word teaches us and nothing worth knowing that will keep us into eternity (Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7). We need only look around us at what is going on in the political and cultural arenas to see that man’s so-called wisdom gets us only into trouble and despair without God. We need God’s wisdom and instruction to  guide us and cause us to rejoice in the beauty of all that is found in a godly life.

The judgments of the Lord are more desirable than gold, the most precious metal known to us on earth and are sweeter than the sweetest natural substance, honey. If we keep them we are warned of the perils of sin and in keeping them is great reward both in this life and the life to come. I wrote a post on life without God, a virtual impossibility, before this one, but life without the guidance of God is just as bad as life without Him.

We need the word of God to keep us from a life of error and Christ’s blood to cleanse us from secret and  presumptuous sins alike. Through Jesus we can keep sin from having dominion over us and be called blameless, innocent of great or grievous sin and being forgiven of those sins we do commit when we repent and obey Him as he commands us through His word.

We can all hope that through the study, constant meditation and application of God’s word that our words and meditations will be acceptable to Him. We can pray this prayer with King David here in the Psalm (vs. 14) and work with every fiber of our being to carry it out. God’s glory speaks to us and should be obvious through His word and through His creation. Let’s listen to Him and obey Him before it is too late and our life on this planet comes to an end, leaving only the final judgment.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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