Psalm 27

Seldom, if ever, will any of us be beset with troubles that are like those David describes in this Psalm. We will not have an army encamped against us or enemies that seek to eat up our flesh, but we will have struggles and temptations that seem to us as significant as these. Can we be like David in this Psalm and turn to God to be out light and our salvation, the strength in our life? Indeed, if we allow God and His word the place in  our lives that it should have, we will find in God our deliverance from woes, our light by which we may see to walk the proper path and the very source of our strength as we deal with the problems and temptations that beset us as we go through this life. 

We will not be besieged with more than we can handle through the strength and confidence we can have in God. Just knowing that we are striving to serve Him and seek to dwell in the house of the Lord (in a figurative sense) all the days of our lives should fill us with the strength and confidence  needed to face life’s troubles. If we are striving to learn God’s will through the scriptures, we can be truly turn our face to God and seek His face, He will not turn away from us or forsake us. In this we can be confident.

When those who are closest to us forsake us, God never will. If we truly seek His face and seek to do His will in our lives, the troubles that we face will seem minor in comparison to our eternal salvation and God will deliver us.Do we say with David that we would have lost heart if we did not believe in God and if we were not able to see the goodness of Him in the land of the living.

That is to say that many of us would lose our way if we could not see that help and deliverance that God gives us, not only in our eternal salvation, but in this life on earth as we live it. God may not directly intervene in our daily life, but we can be sure that He is there and that He wants only the best for us in this life and in the life to come, when we willing serve and submit to Him. Consequently, He will work for us in ways that we perhaps cannot always see, but that we can be assured are occurring.

We should study and meditate on this Psalm to indeed have the confidence to face any troubles that come our way and especially in times of trouble that we may have the confidence and strength to overcome whatever this life throws at us. How often have we found ourselves thinking that if not for God in our lives we might have met some unsavory or undesirable fate in specific circumstances or in general in our lives?

When we sing God’s praises, do we do so with thanksgiving in our hearts for the way He has kept us on His paths of righteousness and transformed our lives through His word thus keeping us safe and secure from the spiritual enemies that beset us all around. We must praise and honor Him now and forever, not only for the ultimate salvation that is ours come the judgment day, but for the salvation that He works in our lives day to day and as David writes about in this Psalm.

We are to pray; ‘deliver us from evil’ (Matthew 6:13) and mean it, knowing that God will do so if we remain in His house and doing His will and only we can remove ourselves from Him through sin or negligence. We can pray that He will deliver us from evil  and have the confidence that He is with us as we go about our daily life.

If He is with us, whom or of what can we be afraid? Let us meditate on this Psalm and be renewed and strengthened to carry on as He would have us do until the day when God takes us home to be with Him in eternal joy and rest.  In the meantime, He can and will deliver us from the evil that besets us. We can have supreme confidence in this fact. As David did and wrote, so should we be, if our heart is truly right with God.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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