God Or Mammon?

Well, we have elected another President. I voted for Trump and I think he may do some great things for our country, but we should approach the new Presidency with a note of caution. Donald Trump has spent his life up to this point in the single-minded pursuit of riches and monetary gain. It is because of this, perhaps, that he may be able to oversee a revival of prosperity in this country that has been lacking for the past twenty years or so. We must be careful, however,  as Christians not to get carried away with this and keep our priority on Spiritual things, serving our God and not Mammon ( which means riches). Matthew 6:24 says: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” We must be careful to follow our new president as our leader but not use his life as an example of how we should live ours.

Many in our country are caught up in just this mad and reckless pursuit of riches to their own peril. If we are to serve our God correctly we must look beyond this life to the life to come and live for the truths we find in God’s word and not for the things we have or can get in this life. So let’s be careful that as we look up to Donald Trump as the leader of our country, that we do not become carried away with any prosperity his leadership might bring and forget our God. Trump’s example is not one that we should follow at the expense of our Spiritual well being.

He may do wonderful things for all of us and we can keep in mind that things are in God’s hands and be secure in the hope that His will will  be done concerning the leadership of our country. Much was made about the lack of moral character in our President-elect during the election, but let’s hope that he is moral enough to do what is right for the whole country. He is, if nothing else, an honest man, I think. He will honestly do what he thinks is good and right for us. Let’s hope and pray that it will be for the best.

Washington and the whole world is full of people who spend their lives in pursuit of the almighty dollar and what it can buy and pay no mind to Spiritual things at all. Now that we have a President who is openly that kind of person (at least he is honest enough to not give lip service to God but pay no real mind to Him, as so many of our politicians seem to do), we must be careful that we do not get carried away ourselves on the wave of materialism and mammon serving that may grip the country under his leadership.

Let’s hope the country doesn’t become even more obsessed with  the pursuit of riches than it already is, but if it does, we need to guard against it ourselves and continue to serve our God with humbleness and  the righteousness we find in the bible. If Donald Trump ushers in another roaring twenties or even seventies (which we can read about in our history books) we must keep ourselves pure and holy and serve our God as he would have us do. Let’s not get caught up in some new materialism, simply because our new President has spent his whole life caught up in the pursuit of riches. We do not have to become like him to acknowledge him as a leader of our county.

Most of all, we must keep in mind that no matter what happens in the next few years, God is in control and it will all work out according to His will. We have done our duty and voted even though the choices were not the greatest in this election. Now we must leave it in God’s hands and continue to serve our God, come what may. Young people that might easily be influenced must keep this in mind especially. Come what may in the future, let’s never lose sight of our goal of heaven or lose our desire to serve the almighty and living God.

If greater prosperity comes in the future, we must use it wisely and not get caught up in it for it’s own sake. We must serve God and not riches. Our hope, our guidance and our dependency is in Him. Let’s never forget this as we move forward into the future.

May God bless and keep you until next time.


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