The Christian Life

So, now that we have discussed who God is and what He expects of man, let’s talk about what the Christian life is like from a Christians perspective. Christians are found everywhere on the planet and in practically all walks of life. A Christian’s life is not all that different from the average person in these United States.

Most are hardworking, loyal citizens of this great country, both men and women and of every race and culture. Being faithful to God does not keep us from living our lives like almost every other American or keep us from enjoying many of the same things. Devotion to God does not keep us from being sports fans, for example.

I am an Auburn Tigers football fan (see every game on tv) and a Boston Redsox baseball fan (listen to almost every game on It does not keep us from enjoying many of the same tv programs although we are acutely aware of the cesspool of sin and corruption that characterized much of tv so we are selective in what we watch both on TV and at the Movies, as you might guess.

Most of us live quiet lives and don’t involve ourselves too much in politics, though some might be quite active and we usually exercise our right to vote as is our duty. Christians are much like everybody else and indeed it wasn’t too long ago that most Americans called themselves Christian. There are indeed some things that set the Christian apart from the rest you might say.

We strive to live by the law of Christ as we find it recorded in the new testament of the bible and so spend a good deal of time studying the scriptures so we will know what God would have us do. We attend church services regularly and worship God and His son as they are due and are not found in the bars or the hovels that blight every town and city, though we do enjoy eating out which a group of us in Waycross do after worship every Sunday afternoon.

We do not drink to excess nor engage in activities born of greed, such as playing the lottery or otherwise gambling our hard-earned money. If we want to give away money we give it to the church or to those in need and not to greedy gambling institutions, some of which are unfortunately run by our government.

We believe in marriage between a man and a woman as the bible ordains and oppose abortion which is unabashed murder of innocent children as if a person (woman or man) would have the right to kill anyone they choose as long as it makes their life better or easier.

We live a prayerful life as the scriptures tell us to pray without ceasing. This does not mean we spend all our time in prayer like monks, but it does mean we pray often to the father in Jesus name, who gives us the right to approach God in the first place, and have in general a prayerful attitude toward life and toward others.

We do not speak to others in any way we would not speak to God and our actions are before Him as He knows all and sees all. Nothing can be hidden from Him, so we act accordingly. There is much more that sets the true Christian apart from the rest and perhaps you will be able to see some of this as we continue on with this experiment of mine to write a blog.

Until next time may God bless and keep you in the hollow of His loving arms.

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