Teaching Others

Someone posted the following to Facebook: “You can’t continue to hurt good people and believe God is ok with your actions.” While I would tend to agree with this statement, the poster went on to comment something to the effect that “bible huggers” were hurting her and that God would not approve. It seems that this Facebook friend was making the error that is all too common among people when they are faced with the truth found in the bible. They want to reject the bible and create God on their own terms because the bible “hurts” them. 

First of all, it should not be the intention of any Christian to be hurtful toward others, although this sometimes happens. We must not use the scriptures like a club to beat other people over the head with but should out of love desire to share the gospel with others and this means we must have a loving attitude when we share the gospel with others (Ephesians 4:15). If we cannot share the truth out of love and humility (2 Timothy 2:23-26), then we should just keep silent until we learn to do so. Speaking the truth of out of hate or in just being defensive can only hurt the listener and will not bring them to repentance.

Second of all, we should not be inventing God to suit what we think God should be. What kind of God would He be if He just left us to ourselves without any word or guidance from Him. Because He loves us, He has given us the bible that we may learn of Him and what He has done to secure for us a place with Him for eternity. A silent God who gives no guidance would not be God at all. So, before you sneer at the bible, remember that it is the only revelation we have from God and consequentially,  should be treated as such.

We cannot invent God for ourselves, He has revealed Himself through the bible.If we reject the bible because what God has revealed hurts us, we are rejecting God and cannot have him on our own terms. If the truth hurts it is because we realize we have done things to offend God and we should do something to make it right (Acts 2:37, 38). If we sin according to what the bible teaches we must make it right with God and it hurts to come to this realization, but this does not mean we should reject God for this will solve nothing and result in our eternal damnation.

Third of all, too often those who call themselves Christians take only what they want from scripture and leave the rest. We must take all that the scriptures say and not twist it to our own meaning, but apply it to our lives so that we may be pleasing to God. The bible is all or nothing and not just what we like to hear and when we hear (or read) something that requires us to change it can be painful.

The bible is not a feel-good book, but the word of God and it can hurt. We are God’s children and if it hurts when He corrects us, well, remember how painful childhood was when our parents corrected us? We should expect a little pain. Where would we be without our loving father in heaven to guide and correct us?

Fourth, if people want to hurt us because we embrace the bible as the word of God, we should take it with humility and not lash out at them in self-defence or anger. We can teach them more about the truth, perhaps, in a moment when they are not bashing us “bible huggers” but we will lose that opportunity forever if we just get defensive and retaliatory. We want others to come a knowledge of the truth and live it in their lives, so, if we suffer a little persecution at their hands in the meantime, we should just expect it (2 Timothy 3:12) and look for an opportunity when we can teach them. We must approach it in love and not to justify ourselves.

May God bless you and keep you until next time.

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