Answered Prayer

My niece has been on dialysis for kidney failure for seven years and had to go for treatment three hours per visit three times a week. In answer to many a fervent prayer, she got a kidney and had the transplant just this last Friday. We are still praying that she will accept the new kidney and that it will be fully functional. She is still in the hospital recovering from surgery this week. 

Prayer is a very powerful avenue whereby we can petition God for things we want and that He will grant if it is according to His will. I believe that God will still perform healing miracles today when and if He sees fit, but more often than not works through doctors and medical procedures to heal the sick. It is truly a miracle how much modern medicine has progressed and we can be thankful to God for it and continue to pray that He will heal the sick, which He very often does.

He doesn’t do so by imparting miraculous gifts to men through the Holy Spirit today as He did in New Testament times. He did it through Jesus and the Apostles to confirm that the word they were preaching was the word of God (Mark 16:20). He has no need to do so today, but will still heal the sick when we pray fervently for it if it is His will to do so. We should accept His answer when we do pray, however.

Sometimes it is His will that the sick do not recover for reasons that we cannot always understand, but that He in His wisdom knows better than we. When this happens, we must not lose faith, but accept that He knows what is best and that all things will work out for the best in the end. Maybe not in this life, but, at least, in the life to come.

We should continue to pray for the sick even when it seems to no avail, for perhaps God will grant our prayer if we petition Him enough times (Luke 18:1-8). It matters to God what we think and how we care for others, so if He thinks it is best, He will answer our fervent prayer for the sick. He has compassion even as Jesus often showed compassion for the sick during His earthly ministry.

Remember when we pray, to be thankful first and make our petitions known second. When God does answer prayer, as in the case with my niece, we should recognize it and be joyful and thankful to God that He cares for us and the one who has been healed. Still, God knows what is best for us and all those involved and will always do the right thing, even if we cannot see the reason.

May God bless and keep you until next time.


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