Be Good Times Christians

The children of Israel as a whole, as the story is told in our Old Testament, seemed to be bad times followers of God only. If you read through the period of the Judges, when they were governed by their judges before they had a king, you will see a pattern of them turning to God when times were bad and forgetting God when He blessed them, so that He in turn punished them again until they cried out to Him again. The pattern repeated itself over and over throughout all periods of their history, but can be clearly seen in the period of the Judges.

We need to be careful today that we do not fall into a similar pattern as Christians. If we turn to God and do His will in our lives, He will bless us even beyond what we need at times and it is our duty to continue to serve Him even when He does.

In actuality we need Him just as much when things are going well as when things are at their worst in our lives. True, when things are not going well we feel the need for Him more acutely and absolutely, but Spiritually we need Him every moment of our lives or we may slip into unbelief and perhaps even fall away.

We need to be studying our bibles and praying earnestly and always, if we are to stay in a right relationship with Him. The problem is that when things are going well, the temptations seem to increase and we often find ourselves doing other things than what He would have us do. If we can be like Daniel and Joseph and serve Him when things are going well as well as when things aren’t going so well, with all of out heart, our mind and our soul, we can be truly pleasing to Him.

Myself, I seem to go through periods when I am almost coasting, just studying His word and thinking about Spiritual things three times a week when attending services and not making the effort the rest of the time.

Doing things that way is barely enough to subsist spiritually and not really enough to grow as I should be. I need not to think that things seem to be going well under such conditions, but must, though I am well enough physically, tend to my Spiritual life every day even though I seem blessed one way or the other. How can I grow if I do not apply myself every day and not just at the bible studies and worship services when the doors are open for church services?

We need to open His word daily and worship Him with out lives and be good time Christians as well as bad time Christians. We must not fall into the pattern of the Jews thinking we only need God when we need help to alleviate some trouble in our lives. We need Him every moment of every day and we should show it by doing what He would have us do and spending much time in communication with Him through study and prayer. Let’s follow the examples of Joseph and Daniel and not the example of the Children of Israel as a whole. If we can learn to be good times Christians we can truly learn to be what God would have us be.


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