He is an awesome God!

How wonderful and awesome is our God? Read the first few chapters of Genesis and you will know just how great and powerful is our God. To think He created our entire universe just by speaking it into existence. You will note in Genesis chapter one how He said over and over “let there be” and it was so. We learn from John Chapter 1 verse 3 that it was through the Word of God that He created all things. We also learn in that chapter that Jesus is the word of God and thus can conclude that God said it and Jesus carried it out. It was through God’s word, Jesus, that all things were created!

This is such an awesome fact. It is really beyond our comprehension that God and His Son could have done such a great accomplishment.  How could any one being (or two beings: God who spoke it and Jesus who performed it) have made all that we can see and touch and experience in this life? It is really easier to believe that all things happened by chance and that there is no God behind the creation of all things, Yet me must note that such a notion cannot be proved any more than we have absolute proof that God created the universe.

It is through faith that we believe in God and in all that He has done and it is through faith that others believe that the universe happened by chance and that we human beings came about by some natural process with conditions that just happened to be ideal for us to do so. Science will acknowledge that there are rules of nature and of physics that cannot be broken, but they will not admit often that someone must have made those rules to begin with. The so-called science of evolution and the big bang are as much faith based as belief in God, but it is a misplaced faith.

Often we feel lost and alone in this world, especially if we try to live our lives without God, but we need not be alone. The One who created all things cares for us His creation and will be a part of our lives just as surely as anything we can touch or see if we will but let Him into our hearts and believe in Him as Creator and caretaker of the entire universe and all individuals that live within it.

He created us as free will beings that can make up our own mind if we are to follow Him or not. He does not want us to follow Him out of a sense of duty or because we must, but because we freely choose to do so and because we love Him who created us and tenderly cares for us if we will but let Him. Sin and death are in the world because of Satan and the way he tempts and has tempted man since the beginning. If we will but follow God and commit our lives to Him, these things will ultimately be done away with and we can live forever with Him in heaven.

God has laid out certain conditions that we are to follow for this to be so. If we meet these conditions, He will receive us unto Himself and make us one of His own that we may be saved from the wrath and destruction that awaits the universe at the end of time. Please read the Plan of Salvation page by clicking on the link above. If you have not met these conditions that God has laid out, you must do so before Jesus comes and the world ends or your own life comes to an end.

Please consider these things carefully. Does it not make sense that the Creator of us and of all things would have cared enough for us to lay out a plan that we should follow? He has not left us alone but has given us the scriptures that we may conform our lives to what He would have us be. As creator He has that right and as His created beings we have that obligation to obey Him. In the end, He will decide our fate whether we believe in Him or not.

It is sad that most of the world will not obey Him and be lost come the judgment day. We should not let this stop us from doing what we know in our hearts we must. Obey the Creator and become fully what He would have you be while you yet are here to enjoy that creation. It is really not that difficult and the only rational and natural thing to do.

Let’s hope that you will read the book of Genesis and be awed as I am. Then you will want to continue to read His word and eventually learn to pattern your life after what you read.  This is all we can do until He comes again and receives the faithful unto Himself.

May God bless and keep you until next time.

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