Get Back On Track


What makes us the way we are quite often as Christians. We seem to want to drift through life as if there is no God and to kind of rock along, drifting as it were, while neglecting, if not outright forsaking the things of God that we should be doing. It has been over 5 months since I posted in this blog because I have been guilty of drifting into this pattern myself. It is time I snap out of it and begin to reach out to others again with the things I have learned and will learn about the great God that we worship and serve.  I will attempt to get back to it and post regularly again. After all, if we don’t do some work for God in our daily lives then the work will not get done at all.

Part of this drifting pattern we like to get into involves designating all the work in the Church to the preachers and/or elders, when it is really each individual member of the church who must do the work for it to be according to God’s pattern. When the church at Jerusalem was scattered in Acts 8 due to the persecution verse 4 says: “Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word.” Note, it was those who were scattered that did the preaching and not just the Apostles or the elders of the church.

Perhaps the lack of persecution in our lives as Christians is one of the reasons we neglect to teach others in our day to day lives today. Regardless, we all have the responsibility to share the gospel with others. We should seek out opportunities to do so and want to help save others from the terrible fate that awaits those who will not serve God and who have not submitted themselves to His plan of salvation. If we don’t love our fellow man enough to want to save him from a life of eternal torment, then we need to learn compassion toward others and at least try to imitate our Lord, who is always full of compassion and caring for the plight of lost souls.

After all, he gave his life on the cross that we may have a way of being saved from our sins and inherit eternal life. What more could He have done? We should be willing, in light of this great sacrifice, to devote our lives to helping others to find the way to salvation as well. If we can’t give at least part of our lives, if not devote every waking minute to God’s work, then what good are we as Christians. We are certainly not following the examples we find in scripture if we can’t give ourselves over to working in God’s kingdom.

Jesus told his disciples that the harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). Let’s learn to be a part of the few and learn to work diligently for our Lord. It is easy to say to these words and then go on about our lives as if God’s work doesn’t really matter, but lets not do that. Let’s take this lesson to heart and really make it a part of our lives as we are supposed to do all lessons from God’s word. If we really write it on our hearts and make it a part of our thinking and acting in life, we will do our part to spread the gospel as God would have us do.

God bless and keep you until next time.

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